NOK Salt and Earth Bath Detox in Bergamot Rose

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The NOK Salt and Earth Bath Detox is like no other. Remember those jars of bath salts you'd get as a gift that collected dust on the rim of your bathtub? This won't be one of them. Made from 100% Organic Pink Himalayan sea salt, it's loaded with minerals, healing and detoxifying properties. We took it a step further by adding Bentonite Clay and essential oils like Bergamot and Rose. Your senses will be in overdrive as you give your body a much needed time out. Also, excellent for soothing children before bed and assisting in immune support.

And just in case you forgot... it's 100% Natural and Vegan, as well as nut, gluten and cruelty free.

Your body will thank you. So will your Pilates teacher.

**  Fragrance free available upon request.