Xuly Bët for Radical Women

The Paris-based Mali born fashion designer Lamine Kouyaté is the creator of the XULY.Bët brand. The company is best known for its use of recycled clothing to create high fashion, reshaping found garments by cutting, stitching, and silk-screening, or making modifications that range from the subtle shaping of a seam to the complete transformation of a garment's function.

Fellow Afropean Celia Faussart of the amazing French African duo Les Nubians introduced Lamine to the ladies of Radical Women in hopes they'd be a great home for him. The rest... is the future. Radical Women is proud to host this Radical Man as Brooklyn's exclusive boutique for his legendary line.

This collaboration turns the notion of haute couture inside out... but you'd expect nothing less. Would you?

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